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Donated Artwork "Bridging Divides" by Rebecca Craig

About this Piece: "Bridging Divides"

We live in a world that seeks to divide us into categories that pit us against each other. Whether its race, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, or politics, these divides can become harmful and oppressive. The background of this painting started with my using blue acrylic paint and saran wrap to create a kind of chaotic fractured look - symbolizing the fractured nature of our world. Then as I built on top of it with the rainbow colors, it slowly started to cover over that chaotic fracturing, drowning it out with its vibrancy. I wanted a rather "cosmic" look, alluding to the forces of creation, reminding us how we are all created to be exactly who we are - diverse and beautiful in our uniqueness from one another, but blended together to create something even more beautiful when we can come together and work together for a common good. The arms clasping are in oil rather than acrylic to complete the notion of diversity by even mixing media that most would not think should go together - yet do so in a harmonious way. 

About the Artist:

Rebecca Craig received her Bachelor of Journalism from the University of Nebraska - Lincoln, and her Masters in Divinity from Luther Seminary in St. Paul, MN. Her early career involved working in story development for Disney Feature Animation where she was able to combine her love for both writing and art. After a few years living and working in Hollywood, she determined the Hollywood lifestyle wasn't what she wanted long-term and shifted into marketing and advertising as a graphic designer and marketing director. When the call to ministry came in 2004, her artistic talents began to lean toward "Spiritual Surrealism," combining the styles of her favorite artists, Josephine Wall, Salvador Dali, and Michael Cheval into spiritual-themed artwork. She has illustrated a children's book (Monty: A Tale of No Tail) and currently serves as an ELCA Pastor at Immanuel Lutheran in Palm City, FL. 

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