A branch of the American Counseling Association

FCA Executive Board 2021-2022

FCA Secretary Dominique Battle

FCA Office Manager Vickie Leeming

FCA Region Representatives 2021-2022

FCA Region 2 Rep Juliana Lytle

FCA Region 3 Representative Abigail Ellis



FCA Division Presidents 2021-2022

FACAC President 2020 Rebecca Moore

FAMFC President Viki Kelchner

FASERVIC President Ben Harel

FCA Committee Chairs, Coordinators, and Additional Leadership 2021-2022

FCA Awards Committee Chair Kristie Knight

FCA Convention Committee Coordinator Elisa Niles

FCA Human Rights and Development Committee Chair Eugenia Agard

FCA Professional and Leadership Development Committee Chair Shon Smith

FCA Publications Committee Chair Dominique Battle

FCA Technology Committee Chair Emily Flositz

FCA Parliamentarian Shon Smith

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Florida Counseling Association

2750 Taylor Avenue

Suite A-36

Orlando, Florida 32806

Florida Counseling Association is a non-profit organization, branch of the American Counseling Association.

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