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Get Credentialed through NCDA

NCDA offers diverse, high quality competency-based credentials that effectively uphold NCDA's standards and ethics.

What is a credential? A credential represents a formal validation of an individual's qualifications and professional competency in a specific industry.

What is the value of a credential? An industry certification ensures that you are proficient in a field, while allowing you to enhance your professional brand. By promoting your credential to organizations, your peers and the public at large, you are able to present your base of knowledge, skills and experience to those you serve (students and clients).

The Credentialing Commission has declared the following benefits:

  • Supports your professional brand and profile in the field of career development

  • Formal validation of your professional background and qualifications
  • Highlights your strengths and expertise as a practitioner, educator and/or supervisor
  • Portable, national competency-based credential, that reaches beyond a certificate of training
  • Provides credibility and transparency for heightened consumer confidence
  • Built upon rigorous quality standards, scope of practice and ethical guidelines
  • Supports core standards of practice for practitioners and consumers
  • NCDA offers support for credentials via research, advocacy, and continuing education.

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