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Message From the FCDA President

Greetings FCDA Members!

To our esteemed members of the Florida Career Development Association (FCDA),

My name is Dr. Galaxina G. Wright, I am a registered mental health counseling intern (RMHCI) in the state of Florida, and a national certified counselor (NCC). It is an honor and a privilege to serve as your 2023-2025 FCDA President, particularly with career serving as a pivotal role of development today more than ever before, not only in our own lives but in the lives of countless individuals in our communities. As your acting President, I'm eager to build and maintain connection, community, and competencies to our career professionals in the Sunshine State!

My journey with FCDA began in 2019 when I relocated from my home state of Virginia to the vibrant city of Orlando, Florida. I began my doctoral program at the University of Central Florida and decided I wanted to find more ways to advocate for the career counseling profession. I later had the opportunity to serve as the board’s secretary in 2021, with the help and support of former FCDA President, Dr. Stacey Van Horn. Since my involvement in FCDA, I have been fortunate to engage with this remarkable community of professionals dedicated to guiding individuals along their career paths.

As a current counselor educator at Nova Southeastern University, my primary research focus revolves around the exploration of career development barriers among historically marginalized populations. This includes individuals from BIPOC communities, those within low socioeconomic status communities, people living with disabilities, members of the LGBTQ+ community, and many diverse and underserved populations. Currently, I serve as the principal investigator for an empirical research study that assesses the impact of Project P.A.T.H. (Paving Access to Hope). In collaboration with my dedicated research team and the FLITE Center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, we are providing a job search curriculum to support unemployed youth transitioning from the foster care system. I am proud to share that my work surrounding career challenges has been published in several esteemed journals, including the Career Development Quarterly, the Professional School Counselor, and the Journal of Child & Adolescent Counseling. My research influences my leadership, as I know firsthand the challenges and barriers our career professionals face in Florida, particularly as it relates to our state’s legislation. 

My passion to serve in the community is driven by my background as a former social worker and career counselor, where I observed common barriers faced by individuals on their journey to self-realization and professional growth. In my clinical practice, I have had the privilege of working in diverse settings, including college career counseling centers, non-profit career counseling organizations, private practice, and after-school programs. It is with immense dedication and commitment that I continue to work towards improving the lives of those who cross my path. I hope to continue this path by following in Dr. Van Horn’s footsteps with the upcoming 2024 FCDA Career Summit. I believe this event will not only help to connect career professionals together but allow us to collaborate on ways we can aid our community. 

As we continue to navigate the world of work post COVID-19, let us reflect on the critical role of career development in the lives of individuals and our communities at large. Our collective efforts can break down barriers and create opportunities for those who need it most. One of the ways in which I hope to do this is by providing webinars by career experts on areas related to interventions and solutions we can provide to our diverse client base. 

Thank you for your attention, your unwavering commitment to this field, and for the honor of addressing you. I look forward to connecting with each of you, and I am excited to see the positive impact we can create together within the FCDA. Together, we can pave the path to hope for a brighter and more promising future for all.

Galaxina G. Wright, Ph.D., NCC, 

President, Florida Career Development Association (FCDA) 

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