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Welcome to Florida Career Development Association (FCDA)

Florida Career Development Association (FCDA)
We are a professional organization for career development practitioners to connect and collaborate on issues, policies and practices relating to career development. 

We are a state division of the National Career Development Association (NCDA), which is a division of the American Counseling Association (ACA). We are a division of the Florida Counseling Association (FCA), which in turn is a state branch of ACA. We are subject to those provisions of NCDA and FCA that apply to their divisions.

Our Mission

To promote an understanding of the career development process and the resulting linkage that provides the individual with a productive and satisfying life.

Our Vision

To sustain a supportive and inclusive environment for all members to feel valued, appreciated, and connected within a larger group of career professionals making a difference in the lives of many.


Calling All Florida Counseling Graduate Students

FCDA is looking for Florida graduate students in counseling programs to serve on our Graduate Student Committee for 2020-2021. 

Some benefits include:

Reduced Membership Cost

Free Webinars

Participating in Producing Webinars

Serving on Targeted Committees

And more!

Interested? Contact our Membership Chair, Jackie Gill at FCDAMembership@gmail.com.

Welcome Message From Our 2020-2021 FCDA President

Greetings FCDA Members!

It is such a pleasure to be assuming the office of President for the 2020-2021 fiscal year. I have big shoes to fill from my talented and accomplished predecessors, Renee Hudson, Stacy Van Horn and Carolyn Jones. I joined FCDA in 2017, as one of my initial professional steps upon relocating from Atlanta, GA to Jacksonville, FL. And, as a seasoned career coach, I immediately found a welcoming, energetic and highly skilled group of peers at my new professional home.

Under Carolyn and Stacy’s leadership as president of FCDA, I witnessed a commitment to inclusion and professional growth, while honoring the diverse nature of the career development/services industry. And across this challenging 
2019-2020 fiscal year, Renee has modeled resilience and professionalism.  She has led FCDA through the necessary steps to represent and serve our membership in the face of a growing global health crisis and the realities of systemic racial injustice in the U.S. 

I extend my appreciation to Board members who completed their service on 06/30/20. Rachel Keener Killam, Chair of Membership, and Emily Flositz, Chair of Communications and Social Media, consistently shared their energy and creativity to enhance the level of service, support, and engagement to our members, while growing our numbers at FCDA. And Alex Stewart, Graduate Student Representative, showed FCDA that there is a tremendous skillset, optimism and potential being unleashed among emerging professionals.
I remain grateful and excited to be sharing leadership responsibilities with our continuing Board members for 2020-2021: Dawn Kesselman, Secretary, Courtney Hand, Professional Development Committee Chair, and our Treasurer Chad Brown. Over this past fiscal year, Dawn, Courtney and Chad have shown an unwavering focus on friendly and professional collaboration, to elevate the representation and support for our membership.

And we are so happy to be welcoming our new Board members Jackie Gill, Membership Committee Chair, and Lashay Vazquez, Social Media & Communications Committee Chair. Our continuing goals at FCDA will be to advance awareness of our roles and work in this industry, expand our engagement as a professional body, and nurture a culture of diversity, inclusion, ethical conduct, and growth. And through the voices and engagement of our members, we will continue to join together to uphold a platform of social justice, cultural awareness, the future of work, and stewardship. Thank you again for the opportunity to serve.  

John E. Long, ED.S., BCC, CMCS
President, Florida Career Development Association (2020-2021)

Meet Your 2020-2021 FCDA Leadership



Renee Green, Ed.S. 

Past President

Courtney Hand, MA, CCC

Professional Development Committee Chair

Lashay Vazquez, MA

Communications & Social Media Chair

Jackie Gill, MA, CCSP

Membership Committee Chair

Melissa Gomez

Graduate Student Committee Chair

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2020 Webinars

 May 7th Informational Interviews 2.0 (free for everyone)
 March 25th  Private Practice Tips & Techniques to Improve Your Business & Better Serve  Your Clients
 February 19th  College and Career Strategies School Counselors Can Promote For All Students in All Grade  Levels
 January 22nd Make 2020 Your Year to Earn a NCDA Credential


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Florida Counseling Association is a non-profit organization, branch of the American Counseling Association.

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