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FCA Job Postings: Counseling Jobs Information & Instructions

Job postings are free and are posted for 60 days.

The Florida Counseling Association (FCA) offers Job Postings as a public service; they are used for informational purposes only. FCA makes no guaranties, representations, or warranties, either express or implied, regarding information or representation by either the Applicant or Employer through this service. In no event shall FCA be liable, in law or equity, for any cause of action arising from the use of this service.

The Employer shall be solely responsible for all decisions regarding employment and compensation with respect to any posted job opportunity. The Employer, at its discretion, may withdraw the posted job opportunity at any time. FCA has no role in such decisions. Any and all personal information submitted by Applicant to Employer is done so freely and voluntarily. Applicant assumes all risks associated with application and employment by Employer.

Applicant shall be solely responsible for personal information submitted and representations made to Employer. FCA shall not independently verify any information provided by Applicant to Employer. FCA does not endorse or recommend any Applicant, including members of FCA, for any posted job opportunity. Employer assumes all risks associated with application and employment of Applicant.


Job postings are available for free and are posted for 60 days. 


Once the employers job listing is received by the FCA office, please give the office 3-5 days to review and post the job.  If the office has any questions, we will contact you for further information.


If you have any problems or questions while submitting a position to our job board, or need your listing removed please contact


To submit a counseling position to our job board, please email the office with the following information:

    • Job Title
    • Company Name
    • Location
    • Description and Requirements
    • Company Information (about, website, contact info)
    • Application Instructions
    • Deadline, if applicable
    • Attachments (ad, flyer, etc.), if applicable
E-mail this information to:

Contact with any questions, problems or suggestions for this website.

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Florida Counseling Association is a non-profit organization, branch of the American Counseling Association.

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