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FAMCD President: Daniel Balva

President Elect: Maurinna Swanson

Secretary: Maria Davis-Pierre

 Treasurer -  Dr. Homer Brown

Member at Large: Elisa Niles

Legislative Chair: Tia Nagel

Graduate Student Rep 18-19: Alexis Duggan

Past President - Dr. Letitia Browne- James

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"Every Human Interaction Is A Cultural One"


The mission of the Florida Association for Multi-Cultural Counseling and Development (FAMCD) is to create a communications link for local and regional groups concerned with minorities, and planning and implementing progress to further the growth of individuals working with different ethnic groups.

This is accomplished through:

  • Building positive human relationships that enhance cross-cultural communication
  • Uplifting human interaction despite tension
  • Learning ways to become culturally competent
  • Networking with other counselors having similar goals


Minorities and marginalized populations continue to be discriminated against, mistreated, and underserved—not only by other individuals, but by society as a whole. Our job as multicultural competent counselors, educators, and students is to provide authentic and culturally sensitive care for our clients and individuals within the community. And as we do this, we must continue to advocate for, and alongside underserved populations, using our place of privilege as professionals to shed light on inequalities and unite to make a difference.

FAMCD At FCA's 2018 Conference

FAMCD's 2018 Annual Division Meeting

FAMCD was honored to have received FCA's Outstanding 2018 Division,

2018 Member Services & Recruitment Award, and FCA's 2018 Best Newsletter

2018-2019 FAMCD Newsletters

Summer 2019 Newsletter: FAMCD Newsletter Summer 2019.pdf

Spring 2019 Newsletter: FAMCD Newsletter March-2-compressed.pdf

Winter 2018 Newsletter:  https://fca23.wildapricot.org/resources/Documents/FAMCD%20Winter%202018%20Newsletter.pdf

Fall 2018 Newsletter: FAMCD NEWSLETTER.pdf

Webinars/Continued Education

FAMCD & FALGBTIC Webinar: Fostering Resilience in Gender and Sexual Diverse Youth: Strategies for Counselors

"Culturally Responsive Calculations: Considerations when Administering Assessments Webinar" 

FAMCD & FACES Webinar: Multicultural Development: Considerations in Counselor Education and Supervision FAMCD _ FACES Webinar_ Multicultural Development_ Considerations in Counselor Education and Supervision.mp4

Ambiguous Loss and Migrant Families Webinar: Ambiguous Loss and Migrant Families Webinar.mp4 

Autism and the Black Family Webinar: FAMCD Webinar- Autism And The Black Family.mp4

Black History Month 2019: Interview with Dr. Huberta Jackson-Lowman:

FAMCD_Interview with Dr. Huberta Jackson-Lowman(1).mp4

Contact fcaoffice@flacounseling.org with any questions, problems or suggestions for this website.

Mailing Address:

Florida Counseling Association

PO Box 4474

Deerfield Beach Florida 33442

Florida Counseling Association is a non-profit organization, branch of the American Counseling Association.

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