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2021 is an election year and we're looking for some new faces to join our Leadership Board.

All the positions listed below are available for nominations and self nominations. Please be mindful of the duties of the role in addition to the length of term they must serve. The equivalent of one term is from July 1st to June 30th. For each term served, you can claim up to 10 CEUs. All of those interested must be a Florida Career Development Association (FCDA) member or will have acquired membership by the election month (April/May). If you're not a member, you can join here as well as read about the membership requirements. If you already have a leadership position in mind, you may apply for it here.

If you have any questions, please contact Jackie Gill at FCDAmembership@gmail.com.

Before scrolling down, take a look at our bylaws here.

Professional Development Chair
Provides direction and oversight for FCDA professional development to engage membership events. Assess needs and preferences of membership for annual and professional development opportunities. Partners with Executive Board to determine event dates, times, presentation topics, formats, fees and budgets. Determines and meets necessary criteria to become eligible for CEUs. Also reserves event facilities. Establishes subcommittees and recruits volunteers (i.e. Marketing, Registration and CEUs, Set-Up, Technology etc). 

Qualifications: Be an active member in good status within the Florida Counseling Association (FCA) and the Florida Career Development Association (FCDA). 

Term(s): Two (2) year leadership term. Subject to appointment for an additional term of one (1) year. 

More than one position catch your eye? Don't worry, you can apply for more than one. We ask, though, that you rank them with your most preferred being the first. 

Remember, one term (July 1st to June 30th) is worth up to 10 CEUs

Don't forget you can also nominate others!

Apply here

Good luck! 


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