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FCA President's Message: Supporting ACA's Response to Trump Executive Order

October 9, 2020

Greetings FCA members,

Below we have provided ACA's position on President Trump's September 22, 2020 executive order.  We wanted to inform our members that FCA endorses ACA's position on this issue. 

. . . . Last week [September 22, 2020], the Trump administration issued an executive order that would restrict how diversity and inclusion (D&I) training is provided by federal agencies, federal contractors, and federal grantees.  Without exaggerating, the executive order would have a very negative impact on the meaning and delivery of D&I training.

In reflecting on ACA's vision and mission, this executive order clearly required a response from the association. . . . 

ACA takes its vision, mission, and strategic plan very seriously.  When we believe that making a statement or responding to some policy action will be in support of our goals, we will do so.  In this case, it was clear from what the Trump administration was proposing that a response was needed. 


Richard Yep, CAE, FASAECEO
American Counseling Association

President Trump Issues Executive Order on Behavioral Health | ACA Responds to Executive Order

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FCA President's Message: Supporting ACA's Statement on Undue Police Violence

May 29, 2020

Greetings FCA Members,

I hope this message finds you well.  As your current President, I support the statement from ACA below surrounding this issue of Undue Police Violence and am working with colleagues, who are members of FCA and those on the national level, to create some webinars surrounding this issue that will be sponsored by FCA.

Best regards,

Letitia Browne-James, Ph.D., LMHC-S, NCC
Florida Counseling Association, President

Visit ACA's Website for this Statement and more information

Re-printed from the ACA Website:

May 18, 2020

ACA is committed to promoting counselor competence as it relates to addressing individuals and communities who have been negatively affected by instances of undue police violence and similar racially motivated acts.

The American Counseling Association (ACA) acknowledges the traumatic impact of undue use of violence in policing, racially motivated violent incidents, and implicit bias, characterized by excessive force and negligence. Whereas, we support and value the role of positive law enforcement and ethical policing conducted daily in this occupation, the ACA condemns incidents of undue violence and stands in solidarity with the individuals, families, and communities impacted by such occurrences. Furthermore, the ACA supports the efforts of counselors who counsel and advocate on behalf of those who experienced such encounters.

Undue police violence refers to the use of excessive or disproportionate force that results in physical or psychological harm to others. These incidents may result in a post-traumatic effect that impacts the well-being of individuals and communities. Further, the historical context and trans-generational trauma associated with these incidents may have cumulative effects. While anyone can experience undue police violence, certain racial groups, particularly those identifying as Black or African American, are disproportionately affected by these traumatic occurrences and their resulting aftermath. Professional counselors are called to support affected individuals and populations through trauma-informed and culturally-responsive practice.

The ACA and its members are dedicated to supporting the human rights and wellness of all individuals regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, culture, physical ability, age, sexual or affectional identity, religion, nationality, and socioeconomic status. Further, the ACA is committed to promoting counselor competence as it relates to addressing individuals and communities who have been negatively affected by instances of undue police violence and similar racially motivated acts. The ACA stands in solidarity with counselors who serve and support those directly and indirectly affected by instances of violent or negligent policing. Moreover, the ACA encourages its members and all counselors across various settings to engage in professional action, such as clinical practice, community outreach, research, advocacy, and education that supports the wellness of individuals and communities who face violent or negligent policing.

American Counseling Association - Statement on Undue Police Violence

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By taking this journey with Pinderhughes and McGoldrick, we hope you'll develop a deeper understanding of the dynamic impact of race and racism in our society.  We invite you to forward this email to your colleagues so that they can join in the journey as well. 

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