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Thank you for your interest in the Graduate Student Volunteer program. Below are the potential volunteer assignments and their descriptions for the upcoming 2019 FCA Convention to be held in Tampa, Florida October 4th - 5th with a pre-conference date on October 3rd. Please note, this is not an exhaustive list and may change or be updated as necessary. Remember the volunteer program is on a first come basis!

Interested graduate student volunteers please click the Graduate Student Volunteer Application and complete the survey. Go to flacounseling.org and click on the “Convention & Events” tab and select 2019 FCA Convention. All graduate student volunteer program information will be under the Volunteer Program tab.

Please submit any questions to the FCA Graduate Student Volunteer Committee at fcaconventionvolunteering@gmail.com

Thank you!

Education session – These sessions occur during the two main days of the conference - Friday through Saturday, October 4th-5th. Volunteers are asked to make sure the room is clean and the chairs are in order. Some presenters may want to adjust the layout of the room and request your assistance. If this occurs be sure that the chairs are put back into the original arrangement. Prior to the beginning of each session, volunteers will pick up an envelope from the Volunteer Office/Registration Desk. Introduce yourself to the presenter (s) and assist them as needed. Check name badges as attendees enter the room (to make sure they are registered). Volunteers will be able to participate in the session they are assigned.

Tote bag distribution – Assist with distributing tote bags, badge holders and program guides and fill new tote bags as needed.

Meal Functions  Check for badge ID’s at the door, ensuring that everyone who enters has registered for the convention. Assist the speakers and/or volunteer coordinator in any room set up, organization of lines for luncheons, clean up as needed. Additionally, volunteers will be assisting in selling raffle tickets, promoting various parts of the convention, etc.

Other areas

These areas will have their own set of instructions that will be received at the start of the assignment.  Most will include greeting participants or crowd control.

  • ·        FCA Registration
  • ·        Plenary and Keynote Sessions – Volunteers will be able to attend the session
  • ·        Evaluations
  • ·        Volunteer Office Assistance – Serve as a convention center tour guide, back up for last minute schedule changes or assist the coordinators as needed.  Other activities as assigned.

Contact fcaoffice@flacounseling.org with any questions, problems or suggestions for this website.

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