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Graduate Student Volunteer FAQ’s 

1.      What should I submit to FCA in order to be considered as a Graduate Student Volunteer?  

Please submit the required Graduate Student Volunteer Application Form. The link is https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/RWNZKS8. To be considered as a volunteer, the survey MUST be completed in full. You can find all the Graduate Student Volunteer program information on the FCA website. Go to www.fcacounseling.org. Click on the “Convention & Events” tab and choose “2019 FCA Convention” and then “Volunteer Program.” Please make sure your email address and phone numbers are correct on your form. This will ensure you receive the appropriate notifications.  

**PLEASE NOTE – to be a graduate student volunteer, you MUST be an active student member of FCA at the time of submitting the Graduate Student Volunteer Application AND an active student member of FCA. Any questions or concerns, please email the FCA Graduate Student Volunteer Committee at fcaconventionvolunteering@gmail.com. 

2.      Are there still available spots for the Graduate Student Volunteer Program?  

If you are interested in the Graduate Student Volunteer Program, please complete the Graduate Student Volunteer Application. Acceptance is based on a first come basis, and there will be a waiting list. The current deadline is set for July 25th at 11:59pm. Questions should be directed to fcaconventionvolunteering@gmail.com.

3.      After I submit my Volunteer Application when will I be notified and selected as a volunteer?  

You will be notified of the volunteer status once the FCA student member status and graduate student status has been confirmed. The timeline is based on the number of graduate students who apply. The notice may include waiting list status. 

**If accepted, you will receive a link via email to complete a Volunteer Travel Form. Please complete the form as soon as possible, as your responses determine how the volunteer schedules are created to best serve all graduate student volunteers. You will receive your permanent volunteer schedule at the Volunteer Orientation which will be held on site in Tampa, FL. Questions should be directed to fcaconventionvolunteering@gmail.com.

4.      I have already paid for my registration online when will I be reimbursed? 

All selected volunteers will get a promo code to use when they register for the convention. Please wait to register for the convention until after notification and receipt of the promo code.  Graduate Student Volunteer Agreement it states that all individuals who receive the promo code treat such information as confidential!  All individuals who are accepted to the volunteer program who fulfill their volunteer hour requirement will receive a 50% (part time volunteers) or a 100% (full time volunteers) refund based on early bird registration rates following the end of the convention. Please be patient and remember that this process may take some time to complete. Questions should be directed to fcaconventionvolunteering@gmail.com.


5.      When will I receive my volunteer schedule? 

 You will receive your permanent volunteer schedule at Volunteer Orientation when you arrive at the conference. There will be two volunteer orientation training dates/times that will be included in the acceptance letter/travel form (The volunteer orientations are Thursday evening and Friday morning prior to the start of the convention). Please remember to list all your REQUIRED professional conflicts on your travel form so the volunteer committee can try to schedule around them. 

6.      Does Graduate Student Volunteer program also pay for my hotel/travel accommodations?  

The graduate student volunteer program is designed to get students involved in FCA and provides discounted registration as a concession for participation. Hotel accommodations are the sole responsibility of the student/convention attendee. Check with your school; in some instances, there may be funds available for students who wish to participate in professional development opportunities. Additionally, there are sometimes scholarships for hotel/conference registration sponsored by various divisions.  Please go to the FCA website to find out the hotel convention room information. Reminder that the block rate for the convention hotel room is time limited, so make sure to book your room early to get the discount rate!

7.       I am required to attend my professor’s education session or present a poster. Will I be able to do either or both by being a volunteer? 

 If you are required to attend your professor’s education session, please list that in the COMMITMENTS section of your volunteer travel form. You must list this ahead of time for us to accommodate your needs. You may be able to volunteer for your professor’s session if you are not a presenter/panel member in the session. You must be available to complete the Education Session form and check ID badges at the door to volunteer for the session. Your volunteer commitments will generally be met with other education sessions or activities. If you are presenting a poster, please list the poster date and time in the commitments section of your volunteer travel form. You will not be required or permitted to volunteer during your session. That is an important professional responsibility and requires your full commitment and attention.  

8.      I am ready to book my travel arrangements and/or hotel. What days should I plan on arriving and departing the convention?  

Please be sure to arrive on or before and depart after the dates/times you listed for availability on your volunteer travel form. It is imperative that the times you list are accurate for us to meet scheduling needs. *Please note that there will be two volunteer orientations (one Thursday evening and one Friday morning). You MUST attend a volunteer orientation to receive all necessary information and your volunteer schedule.  If you would like to have time to see the city or have down time, it is best that you are present if your schedule permits. Should any changes to your travel plans be made after submitting your paperwork, please notify the Graduate Student Volunteer Committee as soon as possible at fcaconventionvolunteering@gmail.com 

9.      Can I volunteer without being a FCA student member?  

Opportunities in the FCA Graduate Student Volunteer Program are reserved for Student Members of the Florida Counseling Association. There may be other opportunities available through your division. Please contact them directly for information.  

10.  Where do I check-in once I arrive at the convention? 

 Please make every effort to check into your pre-booked accommodations before making your way to the convention location. FCA and the Graduate Student Volunteer Program cannot be responsibility for the security of your luggage/personal items. When you arrive at the convention site, please go to the registration desk for updated information and to check-in. 

11.   What should I wear while volunteering?

The overall tone for the conference is business casual. You will notice that some people are dressed more casually or more professionally. Business casual is a happy medium. Please wear comfortable shoes as there may be some walking or longer periods of standing during your volunteer time, and it is best to dress in layers due to room temperature fluctuations. 

Currently FCA is working on securing volunteer t-shirts. When you are volunteering, you will be required to wear your FCA Student Volunteer T-Shirt (provided at Volunteer Orientation) so you can be easily identified. You can wear this over/on top of your business casual attire.

*More detailed information will be provided via email included in your Acceptance Letter and Travel Form.

12.  What is the cancellation policy if I am unable to volunteer? 

 If you are unable to volunteer, please email fcaconventionvolunteering@gmail.com as soon as possible. If you cancel at the last minute, you may not be permitted to volunteer in the future. Additionally, you will not be refunded for any amount of the registration cost.  

13.   Can I change my volunteer schedule if I have a conflict? 

For us to schedule efficiently and run the program smoothly, we must be aware of your conflicts before you arrive at the conference. You must list them on your Volunteer Travel Form. Last minute changes are difficult to accommodate and may result in you not being permitted to participate as a volunteer for this year’s convention.  During the volunteer orientation, there may be an opportunity for volunteers to discuss their schedules. Any changes to individuals MUST be approved by the Graduate Student Volunteer Committee.

14.  Will meals be provided for me as a volunteer? 

 All convention attendees will be provided with two plenary meals during the lunch times on Friday and Saturday. The remaining meals of all convention attendees, including volunteers are required to provide their own meals.  

15.  How do I reach the volunteer coordinator while I am at the Conference?  

Prior to the conference, any communication regarding volunteer information needs to be directed to fcaconventionvolunteering@gmail.com 

You will meet the Graduate Student Volunteer Committee at your volunteer orientation. Further information will be disseminated at the orientation training when you arrive at the FCA convention.  

Contact fcaoffice@flacounseling.org with any questions, problems or suggestions for this website.

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